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·Well-known Tibetan Buddhist temple: Huguo Falun Temple of Shenyang City  ·Manzhouli  ·Chinese painting of great painter and engraver Wu Changshuo  ·Lijiang Heilongtan landscape in Yunnan Province  ·Turfan Gaochang Ancient City  ·Jingzhou Puti Temple, Hubei Province  ·Altay prairie Tuolehaite  ·The hottest place of China: Xinjiang Tulufan Mt. Huoyan  ·Yuanyang Rice Terrace  ·National industry of images for the Sixtieth Anniversary of People's Republic of China to celebration  ·Zhuzhou city scenery, Hunan  ·Chinese Ancient Architecture Museum: Hebei Zhengding Longxing Temple  ·Xinfu island, Haikou  ·Jilin Fog Song  ·Forbidden City: the largest palace in the world  
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