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·Shushan Area Jinggang Town, Hefen  ·Summer Palace Of Peter  ·Modern-style building: China National Grand Theatre  ·Famous memorial hall of Chinese history: Linzexu Memorial, Fuzhou  ·Summer Palace, Beijing  ·A Travel Guide to Jeju (Cheju) Island  ·Enhe Landscape, InnerMongolia  ·underground river of Lianzhou  ·Watery region Shaoxing: well-known historical and cultural city  ·The Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City  ·Chongqing: the only municipality directly under the central government in western China  ·Stone City Of Taxkorgan  ·Wenzhou Nanji Island, Zhejiang Province  ·Geneva city scenery, Switzerland  ·Beautiful Dongjiang Lake in Hunan  
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