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·Lu Xun Museum: China's first  ·Nice food of China: Hunan cuisine, Guangdong Cuisine, Shanghai Cuisine  ·Peking Opera: the most representative drama of Chinese opera  ·Yandun Jiao's Swan, Rongcheng  ·Nature's gift:Sanya  ·Urumqi city Scenery, Xinjiang  ·Linxi grassland, Chifeng City  ·Sanqing Mountain: Tranquility in Mist  ·Millennium ancient castle: Shujiatang Castle of Fenghuang old city, Hunan Province  ·Amazing marine life: a happy underwater world  ·Amazing marine life: a happy underwater world  ·Erotic China's top ten wonderful scenery: old poplar  ·Luxor: town of the palaces  ·CPC stationed station: Yan'an Yangjialing, Shaanxi Province  ·The Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City  
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