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·Longmen Grottoes, one of the three most famous stone Grottoes in China  ·Weihai scenery, Shandong  ·Modern Chinese Literature: a literary exhibition hall without walls  ·Yixing Zishahu  ·Wucai beach  ·Shenyang Palace Museum  ·Lotus style: growth in the sludge but very clean  ·Stone Forest Of Yunnan  ·Asihatu Of Chifeng Stone Forest  ·Chinese revolution resort: Zunyi of Guizhou  ·Beihai scenery in Guangxi Province  ·The paleo house of Xuzhou: Zheng Courtyard  ·Art Capital: New York, USA  ·Wusong rime encloses tree scenery in north China  ·The Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City  
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