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·Zhouzhuang: the best water town preserved in China  ·Frontier city: the ancient city of Sichuan Songpan  ·Yichun Kuerbin  ·The memory of winter  ·Classic Posters of China  ·China well-known place for rape Zijia  ·Xinjiang style: Akon Performance  ·People Photo Gallery  ·Huadian leaves in jilin city  ·Pearl of the Orient: Hong Kong, China  ·Weihai scenery, Shandong  ·Manzhouli  ·Dujiangyan Irrigation Project: the oldest and only surviving no-dam irrigation system in the world  ·Ambilight strange world: Genghuang Old Town Qiliangdong, Hunan Province  ·Qinghai Lake, a blue mirror nestled in Qinghai-Tibet plateau  
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