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·Frontier city: the ancient city of Sichuan Songpan  ·Large-scale performance Record: Western Hunan Charm  ·Beijing Changping Park celebrate the coming of Spring Snow  ·Sansu Shrine of Meishan, Sichuang Province  ·Tajik Wedding  ·solidified the moment: the history of the old photographs about China  ·Chinese Ancient Architecture Museum: Hebei Zhengding Longxing Temple  ·Equatorial Monument Of Quito In Ecuador  ·Wuxi Taihu Lake scenery in Jiangsu Province  ·Guilin Wangcheng site: the best preserved Ming Dynasty China Military Governors mansion  ·Silk Road Xinjiang  ·Kangding Country Xinduqiao  ·Zhengding Guanghui Temple: treasures of China ancient buildings  ·Taiwanese customs: during the Songkran Dragon Boat Festival at Sea  ·The ancient battlefield site of Opium War: Humen Shajiao Battery, Guangdong Province  
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