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·Kaiping Watch Tower ( Diaolou ) and Villages  ·Enhe Landscape, InnerMongolia  ·Lu Xun's Former Residence in Shaoxing  ·Stone Forest Of Yunnan  ·Sansu Shrine of Meishan, Sichuang Province  ·Guilin Wangcheng site: the best preserved Ming Dynasty China Military Governors mansion  ·Yuhuatai Scenic Area: democratic revolution sacred of China  ·Niulunbao  ·Longmen Grottoes, one of the three most famous stone Grottoes in China  ·Impression Liusanjie In Yangshuo Guilin  ·Beihai scenery in Guangxi Province  ·Lotus flower in summer  ·Wulingyuan Huanglongbing hole  ·Jinggangshan:cradle of the Chinese revolution  ·Osaka: a commercial and industrial center of Japan  
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