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·World-famous water cities: Amsterdam, Netherlands  ·Jinrong Street  ·Mysterious ancient Meishan Nuo culture in Hunan Province  ·Jilin Songhua Lake  ·Yanqing Guyaju site of Beijing: tousand years of human Cave in China  ·The Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City  ·Ili Sailimuhu, Xinjiang  ·Xinjiang landform: full of extraterrestrial color  ·Jingzhou Puti Temple, Hubei Province  ·Tanggula Township Tuotuohe, Golmud  ·Jinshanling Great Wall  ·Xiamen City landscape, Fujing Province  ·Fuzhou: the capital of Fujian Province  ·The pearl of the plateau: Dianchi Lake in Kunming, Yunnan Province  ·La Digue, Seychelles  
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