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·Beijing opera: Monkey Wars monster in silken web cave  ·City scenery of Beijng  ·Beating between light and shadow of the wizard: Chinese Shadow Art  ·Xinjiang Uygur: sing and dance the nation  ·Longmen Grottoes, one of the three most famous stone Grottoes in China  ·Curieuse island, Seychelles  ·Karst cave of Guilin Province  ·Turfan Gaochang Ancient City  ·The Prambanan Temples: the largest temple complex on the Indonesian island of Java  ·Hongdengji: Chinese revolution of modern Peking Opera  ·Charm China: Eastern Elements  ·Ili Sailimuhu, Xinjiang  ·The Yellow River Basin: the birthplace of China's ancient culture  ·Xinjiang's Tianchi Lake: the Pearl of the Tianshan Mountains  ·Luxor: town of the palaces  
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