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·The beauty of chrysanthemum flower in the autumn  ·Xiapu Beach Of Fujian Province  ·Xinjiang landform: full of extraterrestrial color  ·Millennium ancient castle: Shujiatang Castle of Fenghuang old city, Hunan Province  ·Sea Guilin Ha Long Bay  ·The charming fading water lily  ·Hemu, the beautiful back garden of Kanas  ·Niulunbao  ·Xinjiang style: Akon Performance  ·Lotus flower in summer  ·Guilin's scenery with hills and waters  ·Windmill Kingdom: Amsterdam, Netherlands  ·The Prambanan Temples: the largest temple complex on the Indonesian island of Java  ·The hottest place of China: Xinjiang Tulufan Mt. Huoyan  ·Ezhou Liangzi Lake, Hubei Province  
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