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·National industry of images for the Sixtieth Anniversary of People's Republic of China to celebration  ·Urumqi city Scenery, Xinjiang  ·Fiji Islands scenery  ·Jilin Fog Song  ·The beauty of chrysanthemum flower in the autumn  ·Jinan, Shandong provincial capital  ·Well-known Tibetan Buddhist temple: Huguo Falun Temple of Shenyang City  ·Qinghai Lake, a blue mirror nestled in Qinghai-Tibet plateau  ·Wucai beach  ·The 12th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return: see the charm of Hong Kong through the lens  ·Natural cave: Wuhan Jiangxia Baegundong, HubeiHubei Province  ·Hani: one of the oldest nation  ·All kung fu in the world originated from the Shaolin Temple  ·Pearl of the Taihu Lake in Wuxi  ·Ambilight strange world: Genghuang Old Town Qiliangdong, Hunan Province  
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