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·Xinfu island, Haikou  ·Manzhouli  ·Chinese historical and cultural city: the ancient city of Xiangyang, Hubei Province  ·Sydney Scenery  ·Lu Xun's Former Residence in Shaoxing  ·Shenzhen city construction  ·Zhengding Guanghui Temple: treasures of China ancient buildings  ·Humanistic quiet Trips: Yangming Shrine in Guiyang, Guizhou Province  ·Jinrong Street  ·Qingdao: full of romantic coastal city  ·Heilongjiang Wetlands  ·Zhouzhuang: the best water town preserved in China  ·Jiayuguan Great Wall: Ming Dynasty First Pier  ·Sea Guilin Ha Long Bay  ·Yixing Zishahu  
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