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·Curieuse island, Seychelles  ·Millennium ancient castle: Shujiatang Castle of Fenghuang old city, Hunan Province  ·The beauty of chrysanthemum flower in the autumn  ·Lu Xun Museum: China's first  ·Xinjiang landform: full of extraterrestrial color  ·Yanji City landscape, Jilin Province  ·Peking Opera: the most representative drama of Chinese opera  ·Zurich  ·Industrial theme photography  ·Tibet scenery: sky lake Namtso  ·Turfan Gaochang Ancient City  ·First House Chinese Taoism: Yingtan Si Han Tianshi House, Jiangxi Province  ·Canberra: Australia's federal capital  ·Watery region Shaoxing: well-known historical and cultural city  ·Zhongdian scenery of Yunnan Province  
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