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·Kaiping Watch Tower ( Diaolou ) and Villages  ·Gushan Yongquan Temple Of Fuzhou City  ·Hani: one of the oldest nation  ·Kangding Country Xinduqiao  ·Humanistic quiet Trips: Yangming Shrine in Guiyang, Guizhou Province  ·Optimistic and happy minority nationality: Tibetans people  ·Guiyang  ·Mount Huangshan: both the world cultural and natural heritage lists  ·Seychelles: dreamlike and beautiful tropical paradise  ·Chengde City scenery, Hebei Province  ·The charming fading water lily  ·Danxia Scenic Area of Chishui  ·Bashang Grassland in spring  ·Shenyang Palace Museum  ·Lhasa City Scenery, Tibet  
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