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·The most scenic beach of China: Fujian Xiapu  ·Bashang Grassland in spring  ·World-famous water cities: Amsterdam, Netherlands  ·Flowers bloom and Green everywhere in spring  ·Yuanmou Soil Forest  ·Xinjiang's Tianchi Lake: the Pearl of the Tianshan Mountains  ·Longmen Grottoes, one of the three most famous stone Grottoes in China  ·Taiwanese customs: during the Songkran Dragon Boat Festival at Sea  ·Tianshan Mountain Ranch in Xinjiang  ·New York  ·The earliest and long-lasting sports: Chinese Kung-fu  ·Jinsha River Tiger Leaping Gorge  ·Equatorial Monument Of Quito In Ecuador  ·Chengde City scenery, Hebei Province  ·The charming fading water lily  
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  Kong Ruochen ( Shaanxi ) Kuan Lixin ( Guangdong ) Kang Ronghui ( Fujian ) Kong Lingsheng ( Heilongjiang )