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·Chinese elements  ·Dolphin Island Scenery, Philippines  ·Wusong Ice-rime encloses tree scenery in Jilin City, northeast China  ·The pearl of the plateau: Dianchi Lake in Kunming, Yunnan Province  ·Stay away from drugs, out of the shadow of opium - has been very popular in the Golden Triangle's opium market  ·Shenzhen Window of the World: China's famous man-made theme park  ·International Combat Desertification and Drought  ·Natural cave: Wuhan Jiangxia Baegundong, HubeiHubei Province  ·Xidi Old Town In Yi County  ·Erotic China's top ten wonderful scenery: old poplar  ·Osaka: a commercial and industrial center of Japan  ·Sanya corners of the earth  ·The world of finance: Shenyang financial Museum, Liaoning  ·Stepping into Wuyuan, felling elegant spring field  ·Culture has a splash of ethnic minorities: Dai ethnicity  
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