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·Beautiful Dongjiang Lake in Hunan  ·Summer Palace, Beijing  ·Qingcheng Mountain  ·Qixian Qiaojia dayuan  ·Kaiping Watch Tower ( Diaolou ) and Villages  ·The ancient battlefield site of Opium War: Humen Shajiao Battery, Guangdong Province  ·The mysterious restricted lives: Lop Nur (Luobupo area), Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region  ·The Prambanan Temples: the largest temple complex on the Indonesian island of Java  ·Beihai scenery in Guangxi Province  ·Wuxi Taihu Lake scenery in Jiangsu Province  ·Canberra: Australia's federal capital  ·Fenghuang, an ancient town in Hunan province  ·Chinese painting of great painter and engraver Wu Changshuo  ·Danxia Scenic Area of Chishui  ·Qinghai Lake, a blue mirror nestled in Qinghai-Tibet plateau  
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