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·The 12th Anniversary of Hong Kong's Return: see the charm of Hong Kong through the lens  ·Heijing Ancient Town  ·Hulun Buir Grassland, InnerMongolia  ·Hukou waterfall of Yellow River  ·Wucai beach  ·Shenzhen Splendid China  ·Mang people: no family known as tribes located in southern Yunnan  ·Ambilight strange world: Genghuang Old Town Qiliangdong, Hunan Province  ·Kangding Country Xinduqiao  ·Karst cave of Guilin Province  ·Peking Opera: the most representative drama of Chinese opera  ·China well-known place for rape Zijia  ·Shenyang Palace Museum  ·Dazu Rock Carvings  ·Well-known Tibetan Buddhist temple: Huguo Falun Temple of Shenyang City  
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