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·Yanji City landscape, Jilin Province  ·Shenzhen: a pioneering city that is a vanguard of China’s reform and opening up  ·Beijing opera: Monkey Wars monster in silken web cave  ·Jinggangshan:cradle of the Chinese revolution  ·Tianshan Mountain Ranch in Xinjiang  ·Hongdengji: Chinese revolution of modern Peking Opera  ·The Ruins of Jiaohe Ancient City  ·underground river of Lianzhou  ·Hemu, the beautiful back garden of Kanas  ·Optimistic and happy minority nationality: Tibetans people  ·Modern Chinese Literature: a literary exhibition hall without walls  ·China well-known place for rape Zijia  ·New Zealand Scenery  ·Holy Lake: Namtso, the vast sapphire blue lake  ·Stepping into Wuyuan, felling elegant spring field  
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